Update received September 2023

The rear two blocks have seen significant progress with framing and truss work nearing completion, and the roofing is substantially in place.

Window installations have commenced in these blocks as well. As for the front block, construction of the ground floor is finished, and work on the second floor is well underway. We are momentarily pausing development on this block, awaiting the relocation of a power line on the property’s right side.

While Vector has scheduled this task, it’s imperative for the line to be moved before advancing to the construction of levels 2 and 3. It’s worth highlighting that despite this brief pause, our overall timeline remains unaffected, thanks to the expedited work on the rear units.

Update received Auust 2023

Framing is currently being erected and will continue over the next week. All foundational work has been successfully completed, and the project is progressing nicely.