We had such glowing feedback from Charlie Cochrane’s work and outstanding successes that, when it came time to sell our home we didn’t hesitate to get him in for a chat We weren’t disappointed.


Within just a few minutes we knew we had someone who was totally on our wavelength someone who not only had some great ideas, but just as important, someone who was content to listen patiently and enthusiastically to our ideas too.


Charlie didn’t arrive with the bag of clichés that you may of heard from other agents- “I’ve got buyers waiting for a property like this “ we have a network of agents who will all be working on your property “etc etc. He simply took a good look at our home and used his considerable skills to tell us a range within which he felt it would sell.it was a very honest range as well, Charlie doesn’t buy listings.  We were happy with his estimates and went ahead very confident that if anyone could get a result ,Charlie could.


To this day we don’t know how hard Charlie had to work to sell our home In 2018,we were sure property selling isn’t easy But, however it was hard.


Charlie never burdened us with it.


He just got on and focused on getting us the best result possible. We were happy to leave it with Charlie.


It was extraordinary. Within a very short space of time, Charlie had an acceptable offer to present to us. We signed Job done.!


The word “passion” is totally overused and abused in many C.V’s But Charlie Cochrane, we observed a man who was totally passionate in doing the very best for his clients, to the extent that we completely believe him when he says a successful sale is far more exciting than the commission it brings. If you are looking for a friendly, honest and successful real estate agent to sell your most precious commodity, do what we did -leave it with Charlie!


September 2018