Trudi was lovely to work with throughout the process of purchasing our first home. Anyone who has gone through the process of buying will appreciate how overwhelming and stressful it can be. However Trudi’s professionalism and skills in communication made this process go as smoothly as it possibly could. In particular, we can recommend Trudi to anyone looking for space and ample time to explore an open home without being harassed by an agent which, as introverts, we greatly appreciated. Not everyone wants to be asked 10 questions on arrival to an open home, and Trudi’s ability to see/ recognise this and let us explore was impressive (especially during a “cooler” market when I’m sure the urge to ask lots of questions must be quite high!). Equally, we have every confidence that Trudi has the people skills to meet the ideal agent characteristics for our fellow extrovert counterparts. In summary, we can highly recommend using Trudi as an agent for buying a home!