Ben recently sold our old home in the Auckland RUB zone as well as finding us a new one in Albany.

Throughout the whole process, we found both Ben and his staff with whom we interacted very helpful and efficient as well as empathetic to our needs.

Ben has a lot of sales experience within a number of environs as well as his 10 years within the real estate space which was definitely very apparent in the energetic, professional and knowledgeable manner in which he conducted himself throughout.

We had several long conversations where Ben displayed high levels of integrity as well as being prepared to give us candid comment when he considered our approach to possibly not to be ideal.

Ben emphasised throughout that his primary objective was to get the best price for his vendors which was very well highlighted during our negotiations for the house we purchased through him.

One of the most pleasing aspects of our experience with Wallace & Stratton has been within the post sales period where I have required a range of supplementary information to be sourced through them to which they have responded quickly and effectively i.e. definitely not a question of “we’ve got our fees so on to the next sale”.

Finally, we spoke to a number of agents as well as one or two consulting engineers regarding what the current status of the RUB zone is and from all of those contacted Wallace & Stratton and Ben in particular demonstrated a greatly elevated knowledge of the prevailing scenario than all of the others; as well as a superior understanding of how best to promote and sell properties within the zone; Wallace & Stratton therefore, from our perspective, appear to be “ the only game in town” for anyone wishing to seal that area.

I am a sales & marketing professional of 25 years so these comments are offered from a position of personal experience and from someone who will not accept less than optimal customer service.