I have known Ben Macky for over 10 years mainly from his time working in the Marlborough Real Estate market and since his move to Auckland. The DeLuxe Property Group is the largest privately-owned residential property development company in Marlborough having completed the following developments – 1. Covent Gardens – 40 lots 2. Nottinghill – 70 lots 3. Marlborough Ridge – 190 lots – also incorporating a. Bradleigh Park b. Avignon 4. Rose Manor – current development – 185 lots When Ben first arrived back in Blenheim and started his career in real estate here, he was amazingly proactive in seeking out the movers and shakers of the property development industry. His enthusiasm was totally refreshing and his persistence at staying in touch paid off for him. Ben is a highly intelligent individual who strives to do his very best in his business and in the sales process. He has the ability to be ahead of the game right from a strategic land acquisition perspective through to the latest and greatest sales tools in which he uses to get the end result. Whilst Ben worked for us in Blenheim, he was always looking for new opportunities for us as a company, which was refreshing. He had the ability to look into the future 5-10 years down the track, not just for his own sales supply but for development opportunities for the DeLuxe Property Group. This helped to forge a strong relationship and one that has continued even though he is now located to North Auckland. Ben left Blenheim for greener pastures and to secure his own future in New Zealand’s largest real estate market. He was not in Auckland long before the market started to hit head winds. In this time, he has invested in his business opening an office in Orewa and Hobsonville. He has gone out to recruit the best people to surround himself with whilst other companies have retracted in a downward market. Ben is always looking to self-develop and is hungry to do better. Ben has an amazing understanding of the real estate market, from seeing opportunities into the future, lifestyle blocks for today through to high density urban markets. He understands the property development process from front to back which is quite rare for a sales person. Ben believes in honesty, demands loyalty and reliability and is going places. I recommend any prospective developer to jump onboard and at least give Ben and his team an opportunity. From my experiences you certainly won’t be disappointed and you will develop a relationship with someone who is the principal of his business and who genuinely cares about the outcomes.