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With an outstanding 15 years of property management experience, Clare has established an excellent track records with retaining both investors and tenants.  Clare undertakes the philosophy of end-to-end management ( every task associated with a property is handled by the same person), because it enables her to build up a complete knowledge of each property in her portfolio.

The property owners who work with Clare respect her advice in relation to property maintenance and upgrades.  A landlord in her own right, Clare has undertaken several development projects, including subdivision, new builds and renovations.  She knows that rental properties need to appeal to a broad range of people to achieve optimum rental income.

“As a property manager you’re in the middle – a go-between the landlord and the tenants.  You have to be fair to both to keep everything ticking along smoothly.  It’s important to be patient, tolerant and knowledgeable so that you can achieve good outcomes for everyone concerned” – Clare Seed


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