NZ Election 2017: Housing Policies

Labour vs National


Establish the Aordable Housing Authority, an independent Crown entity with a fast-tracked planning process, tasked with leading large-scale housing developments and cutting through red tape.

Use the Aordable Housing Authority to drive the delivery of the 100,000 aordable homes planned under the KiwiBuild programme.

Undertake greenfields and revitalisation projects through the Aordable Housing Authority in conjunction with local groups to build the housing and infrastructure that our communities need.

Put all surplus urban Crown land under the control of the Aordable Housing Authority for use in its development projects.

Ban foreign speculators from buying existing homes.

Extend the current bright-line test from two to five years.

Remove ability to use tax losses on rental properties to oset tax on other income.


Creating special housing areas in high demand areas Family Incomes Package increases Accomodation Supplement rates for a two person household to be $25 and $75 a week, while the maximum rates for larger households will increase between $40 and $80 a week.

A $1 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund to accelerate new housing in the high-demand areas where it’s needed most. The new fund will focus squarely on financing infrastructure like roads and water needed to support new housing.

Setting up independent Urban Development Authorities to speed up housing development in high-demand areas – they’ve proved successful in many other countries.

Reforming the Resource Management Act to make it easier for councils and developers to get houses consented and built.

Tightened rules to ensure people buying and selling property for profit pay their fair share of tax.

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NZ Election 2017: Housing Policies