How to achieve a cosy feel to your home...


There is a definite shift in mood during winter. The vibe is all about intimate and cosy spaces and we crave warmth as well as rich, soft textures. One way to describe the feeling is moody. Not in a downtrodden way, but rather in a sophisticated and evocative sense. Colours are richer, textures more luxurious, and lighting is subtler.

If you are looking to create a cosier atmosphere for winter, upping the moodiness factor is the way to go. You do not need to spend a fortune to get this look – simply rearranging and layering what you already have should get you over the line.

Below are three simple ideas that you can easily execute for an irresistibly moody feel.




Dark Tones

When you step out in public during winter, almost everyone is donning dark tones. We dress to match the gloomy weather – this is reflected in our homes too.

The addition of black, grey and navy hues will instantly add moodiness to your home. These dark intense colours can attract the eye and contract with lighter colours for a dramatic and dynamic interior. Darker tones can be introduced in so many inexpensive ways: a throw rug, salvaged side table, black and white photography, or you could even paint some furniture or a feature wall.




Soft Textures

Our desire in winter is to be cocooned and soft textures help create that feeling. Whether it’s wrapping ourselves in a blanket, burying our toes in a plush floor rug, or nestling with a furry cushion – comfy, cuddly textures are pure bliss during the cooler months.

The trick is to layer these elements to get a moody vibe. One or two additional soft textures is all you really need to create cosy spaces that entice you to linger inside during those particularly brisk days. To achieve this look simply pull out all your blankets and create a tidy stack or increase your quota of couch cushions. And if you are investing in anything new remember to seek out tactile fabrics such as wool and sheepskin.




Mood Lighting

Lighting is an easy and quite essential way to set a moody tone at home during winter. Ambient lighting is your friend in this instance, so break out the candles and lamps. Rather than lighting starkly from above the idea is to create warm, golden beacons dotted throughout a room. It sets the scene for a mysterious yet cosy interior that is a pleasure to inhabit.

To create an attractive lighting scheme a striking floor lamp is a worthwhile investment.



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How to achieve a cosy feel to your home...